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";s:4:"text";s:3257:"German exercises about verb conjugation, concentrating on important and irregular verb forms. Find out about your talents here for free Think you're a pretty decent German speaker and that you've mastered the present tense? Idiomatic expressions often create confusion for learners of German. (Author bloomsby) I mentioned previously (in Lessons from the Top German verbs list) that the 3 most common verbs in German are the ones also used as auxiliaries: sein, haben and werden. Learn your verb conjugations. You can also quiz yourself in specialized subjects. Test your knowledge of these little words with this short quiz. German Verbs is a quiz game that helps you to improve your german. The learning tool displays a German At every stage you will see a random German verb, and This quiz on the German verb finden accompanies the "Wort der Woche" series post on the same topic. Press Enter after typing an answer to check it. Modal Verb Practice! Take, for example, the expressions zu Hause and nach Hause. In this vocabulary quiz, you will learn the meanings of frequently used German words. Verb list (conjugated) and online game for learning German verb conjugation. When going from English to German it is the opposite. Fill in the correct separable-prefix verb; when used with modal verbs Read chart of Lassen - to let, ... Modal forms quiz (only modals - skip Wissen and Werden) Free quiz to learn German verbs. You can choose to write all or some of the verb forms. Verb conjugation in German language. I am doing A2 level German and decided to make this verb quiz! Pick out the closest English translation - and have fun! Problem solving - use acquired knowledge to solve German dative verb German quizzes - Check your language skills and learn more with these tests and quizzes. German quiz based on Learn Language Now language software from Transparent Language. German to English vocabulary quiz. Can you name these 55 essential German verbs? Vocabulary quiz. Match the sentences with modal verbs from the English to German! The quiz consists of guessing the prepositions (and the case) fitting to a German verb. In this quiz and worksheet, you'll see what you know about: The dative verb 'gefallen' German dative verb use in sample sentences The definition of 'weh tun' Skills Practiced. if you want to speak german language and learn the german grammar, so this german (Author bloomsby) Quia Web allows users to create and share online educational activities in dozens of subjects, including German. This page contains the 55 most important German irregular verbs. Pick out the closest English translation - and have fun! Can you name the correct forms of German verbs in the present tense? Test your knowledge on the conjugation of the 4 German irregular verbs. Online game for conjugating German verbs from the Digital Dialects German website. Quiz & Worksheet Goals. German modal verbs are used to express attitudes and feelings. At every stage you will see a random German verb, and German conjugation: conjugate a German verb with Reverso Conjugator, see German conjugation models, conjugated forms in future, participle, present, indicative. JavaScript Interactive multiple-choice quizzes for studying German and English vocabulary. ";s:7:"keyword";s:16:"german verb quiz";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}