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";s:4:"text";s:3378:"Can plaster of paris casts get wet? I got my fiberglass cast wet? Cast Care Frequently Asked Questions. Fiberglass versus plaster casts ... a fiberglass cast wet. Hi, Had surgery on March 5. Cast padding is the layer that goes directly on the arm so that the plaster or fiberglass doesnt irritate the skin. The cast padding is NOT waterproof, whether it is cotton or polyester. Whether its white plaster or fluorescent fiberglass, your childs cast requires special care. My cast was put on a i have my wrist in a scahoid cast and i just got it really wet in the bath... now its gone really lose...what wou ld be the best thing to do? ... A comparison of various contemporary methods to prevent a wet cast. What should you do for a wet cast? Most casts are made of fiberglass, but plaster casts are still sometimes used. I am currently in a fiberglass cast on my leg and the doctor told me not to get it wet. The padding ... What happens to a fiberglass cast when it gets wet? Information on Cast and Splint Care Tips. I had surgery on my ankle 3 weeks ago and was given a fiberglass cast a week ago (I had a splint up until then). I It gets wet. Can I get it wet? But while the hull is wet, ... Surveying Fiberglass Power Boats 2nd Edition I had a garbage back on it in the shower, yet the water seeped through. Really miss showers and scrubbing the house! I got something stuck in my cast. Can synthetic (fiberglass) casts get wet? I took a shower with my casted leg outside of the shower ;-) but water got inside the whole left side from the top to the bottom. Fiberglass actually takes years to fully cure. ... Gore-tex underlining for a fiberglass cast allows it to get wet and dry out. Fiberglass casts shouldn't get wet, but if it does, it can be dried. Keep in mind, though, that even a fiberglass cast can become uncomfortable and irritate your child's skin when wet. Fiberglass Splint Care. It's easy to forget the doctor's advice after the visit. Re: Am I screwed? Fiberglass actually takes years to If your child has a fiberglass cast that's lined with a water-repellent liner, it's probably OK for him or her to get the cast wet if the doctor approves. ... Is it okay to get the cast wet? ... the most important thing you can do to keep happy while wearing a cast. If conventional padding inside a cast gets wet, it wont dry. If a fiberglass cast or splint gets wet, you can dry it with a hair dryer. ... when you can first put pressure on the cast. A plaster cast will fall apart if it gets wet. broke my ankle,cast got wet,feels like its getting smaller as it dries I was in the shower and my new cast got wet i had a bag over it but i guess water still got through somehow. The soft cast comes off this week and I progress to the fiberglass model. ... plaster of Paris cast may be replaced by short-leg fiberglass cast. Fresh fiberglass work got wet, cloudy Sounds like to me you will be fine. What are the different kinds of casts? Air circulates more freely inside a fiberglass cast. Taking Care of Your Cast. that is if it's a fiberglass cast. broke my ankle,cast got wet,feels like its getting smaller as it dries How long should you wait to eat or drink after vomiting? Wet Cast ms ... damp inside i put a cast cover on and i still got wet what ... setting and try to dry it out. ... All of this assumes it wasnt a plaster cast overwrapped with fiberglass. ";s:7:"keyword";s:23:"fiberglass cast got wet";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}