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";s:4:"text";s:3727:"We would like to stay in touch. Acxiom provides information to companies, non-profits, political organizations and government agencies. Overview Oracle Customer Hub is designed to perform as a source of clean, complete, distinct and accurate customer data for the entire organizational enterprise. tell me something i don't know Data Broker Acxioms New Site Allows Users To View And Edit The Marketing Info Its Collected The total value of these holdings, in millions, is $1,883. Your choice to opt-out with Acxiom will only impact marketers using our marketing data products. (NASDAQ:ACXM) Q4 2017 Earnings Conference Call May 16, 2017, 05:00 PM ET Executives Lauren Dillard - Head of Investor Relations Scott Howe - In this case, the data has some interesting things to say about how ACXM might perform in the future. Or, at least, think they know. Acxiom's (ACXM) second-quarter fiscal 2018 results benefit from robust performance at the Connectivity segment. Todays dialog about data can be one-sided, underpinned by profit motives or mistrust. Acxiom is committed to the appropriate use of data. Provides products, services and solutions that help IT professionals develop, integrate, customize, test and maintain business-critical applications. ..your age, race, sex, weight even your buying habits, health worries, and vacation plans. We would like to stay in touch. Only ask what you need to ask and append the rest. As the world's largest processor of consumer data, Acxiom has identified 70 types of consumers with its segmentation product PersonicX. Append More, Ask Less. No, it is not a scheme to harvest data. Acxiom has no direct relationship with consumers, so this is an effort to bridge that gap. It is intended to do what it does, in a basic way, give consumers a means to access the information Acxiom has about them. Have you ever heard of Acxiom? Read how it all began. Aboutthedata.com, a Web site introduced on Wednesday by a leading marketing technology firm called the Acxiom Corporation, is The company has detailed dossiers on 96% of Americans with an average of 1500 data points in each, covering things from your estimated net worth to your shopping habits and contact information. Acxioms opt-out option lets you suppress your data for marketing purposes, but it doesnt actually delete it. Institutions own 96.63% of Acxiom Corporation (ACXM)s shares. We use email as a means to communicate to you about your account, tips and hints, news and promotional opportunities. In hopes of attracting big dollars, data-services fims have made all sorts of moves to remain hip in the eyes of the modern audience-data-obsessed marketer. Acxiom Corporation. Winvale is a DC- based Consulting firm helping companies get on the GSA Schedule, develop sales strategies and do more business with the Government In reality, data used properly benefits both business and individuals. DataTools provides Australian address capture, verification, phone & email verification, geocoding, parsing & more via the Cloud, APIs or desktop software. The truth is, many people just dont understand how data is used, which leads to confusion and suspicion. Acxiom exposed: A peek inside one of the worlds largest data brokers Acxiom knows where you live, where you shop and what you like to do. A new website lets you see what Acxiom, one of the country's largest data brokers, knows about you. Acxiom receives up to 29,968 requests a year from consumers to remove their information and only a max of 35 requests to correct that data (source: Acxioms response to questions from Representatives Markey and Barton). Acxiom Data FAQ. about the data acxiom,about the data acxiom.pdf document,pdf search for about the data acxiom ";s:7:"keyword";s:21:"about the data acxiom";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}