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";s:4:"text";s:3505:"A quick explanation of the molecular geometry of H2S including a description of the H2S bond angles. Follow . Best Answer: In NH3, there are 3 bond pairs and 1 lone pair; there is repulsion between the lone pair and bond pair and between 2 bond pairs. ... Hydrogen Sulfide. After spending 30 hours sifting through nearly 50 options and test-riding more than a dozen bikes, we think the Marin Fairfax SC1 is the best for most people. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is somewhat analogous to water (H2O) in its structure. 1/ With one sentence explain why two compounds with the same generic formula, NH3 and BH3 have different molecular geometries. The bond angle of H-O-H is 105, and that of H- S-H is 92. Explain the non linear shape of H2S and non polar shape of PCl3 using VSEPR theory - 1065650 Explain why the shape of the molecule of H 2 S is bent ... Module 2 Unit 2 Assignment D - questions 3 marks All of The bond angles are set at 180. RE: Why is Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) non-linear (bent) in molecular structure? Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is somewhat analogous to water (H2O) in its structure. Experiment shows that the bond angle in H2S is much closer to 90, ... Can someone please explain the molecular shape of NO3-? By Sharon (Eby) Cornet May 22, 2005. Hence, NH3 has a trigonal pyramidal shape which achieves the above purpose. Wolter has the profile of the average pseudo intellectual hooligan. Why is a hydrogen sulphide molecule v-shaped and not linear? Source(s): ... (H2S) non-linear (bent) in molecular structure? Trending. The chemistry of H2S has been studied since the 1600s. Some common shapes of simple molecules include: Linear: In a linear model, atoms are connected in a straight line. Here there is repulsion between bond pair and bond pair; lone pair and lone pair and lone pair and bond pair, so the pairs spread out. Lab #7 Questions To Be Answered: 1. Explain the non linear shape of H2S and non polar shape of PCl3 using VSEPR theory - 1065650 My answer :The shape of the ... H2S H2O forms intermolecular H bonding as below H2S forms intermolecular H bonding as below: In H2O and H2S , ... Why does H2O have a boiling point higher than H2S? A bond angle is the geometric angle between two adjacent bonds. Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion or VSEPR theory and shapes of molecules tutorial with worked examples for chemistry students. Shape is determined by the number of regions of electron density / electron clouds and bent. The tetrahedral shape is one of the most fundamental shapes in chemical compounds. Explain why these molecules have different shapes, ... the shapes of SO 2 and H 2 CO factors which determine the shape of each molecule an explanation of why the approximate bond angle is the same by referring to the It is like the CH 4 ... H2s Molecular Geometry. The boiling point of H2Te > H2Se > H2S, explain this trend in terms of intermolecular force.? explain why nonpolar moleules have much lower ... rank the following compounds from weakest imf to strongest: H2S, I2, N2 ... predict the shape of H2s. Types of molecular structure. From the name of a molecular chemical, determine the shape and polarity of the molecule. Lesson 10 (16) Molecular Shape and Polarity Obj. Why is Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) non-linear ... H2s Molecular Shape. Vanishing Bigfoot and Anecdotal Accounts: Implications and Challenges for Researchers. It poses a very serious inhalation hazard. Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, flammable, extremely hazardous gas with a rotten egg smell. ";s:7:"keyword";s:24:"explain the shape of h2s";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}