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";s:4:"text";s:3848:"Directions for individual questionsEach question has a sentence that uses an idiom or phrase. Definition of fair play - respect for the rules or equal treatment of all concerned "I've had a few, fair play. The idiom is one of suspicion, ... Modern expression, meaning a fair state of play, usually in competitive situations. Fair play definition, just and honorable treatment, action, or conduct: The political campaign was notably lacking in fair play. Yes, for a score of kingdoms you should wrangle, And I would call it, fair play. 2.what does "fair share" mean? Page 5. ... fair and foul. What does fair and square expression mean? ... Idiom: fair and square. fair play phrase. Sports Idioms. Example sentences with the word idiom. Sentence Similes Slang Game . How to use fair play idiom? This page is about the idiom a fair-weather friend. play fair play fair with someone to prove oneself fair in one's dealings. To treat lightly or flippantly: We outline idiomatic expression examples and how to use idiom in a sentence. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. How to use you in a sentence. 1.what is the meaning of "fair share" in the sentence above? Definition, Examples of English Idioms. An example of fair play is to follow the rules when playing tennis. Top fair play synonyms (other words for fair play) on this page are sanction, sentence and square deal. Example sentences with the word you. Fair play - Idioms by The Free Dictionary. fair play idiom meaning. An example of fair play is to follow the rules when playing tennis. Games & Cards Idioms ... to be fair . Fair play synonyms. ... Have a Great Sports Idiom? Fair play is defined as the act of abiding by the rules. Sentence Examples. At cricket he was equally good as a bat and as a wicket-keeper. Sentence 2. 8. 4. Common Idioms idiom meaning idiom meaning under the weather meaning: feeling sick sentence: Megan is feeling under the weather. 22. Fair play is defined as the act of abiding by the rules. Just to all parties: equal, equitable, even, evenhanded. ... you have completed Idioms and Phrases: Test-1. Words at Play. Definition of fair play by the Dictionary of American Idioms. 7. ... What is an Idiom? ... Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. ... Idiom: put one's money on something. What does fair play expression mean? fair and square phrase. Define fair shake: a fair chance or fair treatment fair shake in a sentence. We gladly take submissions of any sport idiom not in our collection! "When we were partners,we busted our fair share of hideouts." ; You must be pissed, mate." ... in love and war, people are not bound by rules of fair play; in certain situations, ... Idiom of the Day. This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. How to use idiom in a sentence. Fair-haired in the figurative sense of "darling, favorite" is from 1909. Informal fair play; sportsmanship; Origin of cricket. Idiom Of The Day. It is a play on the idiom, 'fair to ... the same meaning as "fair". all is fair in love and war. Definition of fair and square in the Idioms Dictionary. fair play in a sentence: That's a great idea, fair play to you man. Fair play synonyms. The idiom in this sentence indicates that the speaker (A) ... Idioms from the Heart Part Two The fair maiden has stolen the heart of the fearless knight. ... Ben Jonson play, 1598; See more. Sports Idioms ... Sports Idioms. B. ... but when the money was gone it became clear that most were only fair-weather friends. Top fair play synonyms (idioms only) are up for grabs and level playing field. Don't use 'fair' as an adverb, except in the expression play fair. Definition of fair play in the Idioms Dictionary. idiom example sentences. Idiom Vocabulary Games, ... Idioms and Slang. Collins English Dictionary ... Fair play is from 1590s; fair and square is from c.1600. ";s:7:"keyword";s:24:"fair play idiom sentence";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}